Tuesday, 8 August 2017

RE-UPLOAD: Head of David - Peel Sessions - 1986-1989 (MP3)

Head of David is one of those unique bands whose sound is difficult to catalogue, usually described as an industrial rock / stoner band. These are all the Peel session they recorded and you can really hear the band maturing until their third session, composed solely from songs from their "Dustbowl"album, where the band reached it's creative peak. Every record they've released is (sadly) very difficult to find, but when you hear them, you can't help recognise that they were at least a decade ahead of their time.

Peel Session - 24.01.1986

01. Snuff Rider M.C.
02. Joyride Burning X
03, Shadow Hills California
04. Newly Shaven Saint

Peel Session - 23.09.1986
05. Jack Nicholson
06. Pierced All Over
07. Metal Texas Psych Out

Peel Session - 07.07.1987
08. Tequila
09. Snake Domain
10. Skin Drill
11. Bugged

Peel Session - 28.05.1989

12. Moonshine
13. Caprice
14. Wildweed
15. Snake Hands Forever


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  1. Thank you. This is gold indeed. "Dustbowl" was always one of my favourite albums.