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The Sisters Of Mercy - Roundhouse, London, UK - 02.09.2017 (DVD & MP3)

From bootleg DVD sold outside the venue. Includes also audio only in MP3 format.Huge Thanks to Tom Riddler for sharing and doing the artwork.


Doctor jeeo / Detonation Blvd
Crash And Burn
Body Electric
No Time To Cry
Body And Soul
We Are The Same, Suzanne
Walk Away
Amphetamine Logic
Dominion / Mother Russia
Flood II
Vision Thing
Something Fast
Lucretia, My Reflection
Temple Of Love
Romeo Down
That When I Reach For My Revolver
This Corrosion

The Birthday Party - Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands - 05-06.1982 - 3 Versions (Flac)

Legendary gig presented in 3 versions, 2 FM broadcasts with different tracklist and a complete audience recording.

Version 1:
Recorded and broadcast by VARA Radio.

Unknown generation FM source> TDK SA-X C90 cassette> Sony TCD5 playback> Microtrack II WAV 44.1/16bit> CD Wave Editor tracksplit> Traders Little Helper FLAC level 8

This was the start of the "This is the last day of the rest of your life" tour with Lydia Lunch and Roland S. Howard

01 Junkyard
02 The Friend Catcher
03 Big-Jesus-Trash-Can
04 A Dead Song
05 Dead In The Head (A.K.A. Slaughterhouse) (guest vocals by Lydia Lunch)
06 Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)
07 (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn
08 She's Hit

Version 2:

An audience recording of the complete gi.

01. Dead Joe
02. Junkyard
03. The Friend Catcher
04. Big-Jesus-Trash-Can
05. Sad Dark Eyes
06. A Dead Song
07. Dead In The Head (with Lydia Lunch)
08. Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)
09. (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn
10. She's Hit
11. Release The Bats
12. Catman
13. Loose

Version 3:

The bootleg "The Front Row Is Not For The Fragile" on Tuff Monk Records but is missing last four songs of show:

A1 Dead Joe    
A2 Junkyard    
A3 Friendcatcher    
A4 Big Jesus Trash Can    
B1 Sad Dark Eyes    
B2 A Dead Song    
B3 Slaughterhouse    
B4 Hamlet (Pow! Pow! Pow!)    
B5 Pleasure Heads (Must Burn)

 Line up :
Nick Cave (vocals), Mick Harvey (guitar),
Rowland S. Howard (guitar), Tracy Pew (bass), Phillip Calvert (drums)

RE-UPLOAD: The Cult - BBC Studios, Bristol, UK - 02.06.1984 (Flac)

Excellent recording. Thanks to the original uploader.

Source Info:
FM Broadcast -> Liberated Boot LP -> Sound Forge (record / normalize to 0) -> Steinberg Clean / Adobe Audition (clarification) -> CD Wave Editor -> FLAC Level 5

Venue / Show Info:
Taken from the 'Having A Good Time' boot LP, which is sides 3 & 4 of the 'On The Air' boot on Amazing Stork Records (7486 ABCD)

Bristol BBC Studios - June 2nd, 1984
01. Intro
02. 83rd Dream
03. God's Zoo
04. Flower in the Desert
05. Bad Medicine Waltz
06. Go West
07. Butterflies
08. Dreamtime
09. Spiritwalker

Unknown UK radio broadcast
10. Resurrection Joe

BBC TV - The Tube - November 29th, 1985
11. Revolution
12. The Phoenix

PJ Harvey & Bjork - Brit Awards, Alexandra Palace, London, UK - 14.02.1994 (MPG)

Classic TV excellence. Thanks to the anonimous collaborator for sending me this video to share here..

Lineage: TV broadcast -> VHS (0)-> Panasonic NV-HS860 -> EZCAP With Arcsoft Showbiz -> MPG

01. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Total Time: 03m 29s

Do Not Sell!

Format                                   : MPEG-PS
File size                                : 108 MiB
Duration                                 : 3 min 29 s
Overall bit rate mode                    : Constant
Overall bit rate                         : 4 300 kb/s
Writing library                          : ArcSoft MPEG-2 NTSC

ID                                       : 224 (0xE0)
Format                                   : MPEG Video
Format version                           : Version 2
Format profile                           : Main@Main
Format settings                          : CustomMatrix / BVOP
Format settings, BVOP                    : Yes
Format settings, Matrix                  : Custom
Format settings, GOP                     : M=3, N=15
Duration                                 : 3 min 29 s
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 4 096 kb/s
Width                                    : 640 pixels
Height                                   : 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 4:3
Frame rate                               : 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS
Standard                                 : NTSC
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Scan type                                : Progressive
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 0.445
Time code of first frame                 : 00:00:00:00
Time code source                         : Group of pictures header
GOP, Open/Closed                         : Open
Stream size                              : 102 MiB (95%)
Writing library                          : ArcSoft MPEG-2 NTSC
Color primaries                          : BT.470 System M
Transfer characteristics                 : BT.470 System M
Matrix coefficients                      : BT.470 System B, BT.470 System G

ID                                       : 192 (0xC0)
Format                                   : MPEG Audio
Format version                           : Version 1
Format profile                           : Layer 2
Duration                                 : 3 min 29 s
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 128 kb/s
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Sampling rate                            : 44.1 kHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Stream size                              : 3.20 MiB (3%)

Iggy and the Stooges - Max's Kansas City, NY, USA - 06.08.1973 (Flac)

The original Iggy and Stooges in 1973. God sound but  soe tape hiss.

Original Info File.

Iggy and the Stooges
Iggy Pop - Vocals
James Williamson - Guitar
Ron Asheton - Bass
Scott Asheton - Drums

Another Fair Audience Tape of another Historic Performance


01 - Raw Power
02 - Head On
03 - Gimmie Danger
04 - Cock in My Pocket
05 - Search and Destroy
06 - I Need Somebody
07 - New Orleans
08 - Johanna

Editors - Festival Pukkelpop , Hasselt, Belgium - 17.08.2017 (Flac)

Very good FM broadcast, unfortunately very interrupted by the radio DJs.

Original Info File:

Tracks 01 - 09 & 11 - 20 : Broadcasted live on Studio Brussel (FM, Brussels, Belgium), 2017-08-17, 22h46-23h53.
First 13,058 s of track 10 : Rebroadcasted on Studio Brussel (FM, Brussels, Belgium), 2017-08-20, 01h38.
Track 10 (except first 13,058 s) : Broadcasted live on Studio Brussel (FM, Brussels, Belgium), 2017-08-17, 23h06-23h10.
Track 21 : Broadcasted on Studio Brussel (FM, Brussels, Belgium), 2017-08-17, 20h18-20h21.

Complete Studio Brussel broadcast. Incomplete show (the first 2 songs - "Cold" & "Sugar" - and the second part of "Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool" are missing).
Complete setlist :

Recording Gear: Marantz M-CR610 with an additional external antenna homemade --> Roland Edirol R09HR v.1.04 (16bit/44kHz) input level at 41 --> PC with USB cable
Post production: volume adjusted (+2,00 dB), fade in (tracks 01 & 21) / fade out (track 21), tracks created and tagged with SoundForgePro.
Tracks in wav --> Flac 8, Align on sector boundaries using fix and .ffp with Trader's Little Helper.

Setlist :

01. DJs Intro
02. The Racing Rats
03. DJ Comment
04. Blood
05. Hallelujah
06. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool (Cut)
07. DJ Comment
08. Munich
09. DJs Comment
10. An End Has A Start
11. Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
12. Magazine
13. DJ Comment
14. A Ton Of Love
15. Ocean Of Night
16. DJ Comment
17. Marching Orders
18. Papillon
19. No Sound but the Wind
20. DJ Outro

21. Comments & Interview

Total Time : 1:04:14


Interview in English. Comments in Dutch.
The track 06 was cut to pass the infos of 23 hours.
I replaced the first 13,058 seconds from the original live broadcast of track 10 to avoid DJ comments.

Rosemary's Baby - Private Demos - 1984 (MP3)

Italian ritual/industrial project based around the Italian division of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth. Only active during 1985-1986. Thanks to Ronan for sending me this recording to share here.

01. Untitled
02. Untitled

RE-UPLOAD: Hazel O'Connor, The Passions, The Undertones - New Pop Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 07.09.1980 (Flac)

Thanks to Fredheadset for sharing this excellent recording on Dime.

Original Info File:
Recently I discovered some more gems of this festival held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on September 7. 1980.

This time it concerns parts of the concerts of Hazel O'Connor, The Passions, The Undertones and The Skids.

All were recorded and broadcasted by KRO Radio.


The daughter of a sailor from Galway who settled in England to work in a car plant,
she went to Coventry Art College after leaving School. O'Connor originally shot to fame as an actress, playing the role of Kate in the critically acclaimed film Breaking Glass in 1980, and its accompanying soundtrack.

The years before she appeared in the film Breaking Glass were eventful to say the least.
As she wrote in the introduction note of the programme for a gig at "At My Place" in Santa Monica, Los Angeles in 1989 :
"I ran away from my home in Coventry when I was 16.....made and sold clothes in Amsterdam, picked grapes in France, joined a dance troupe that went to Tokyo then onto Beirut (escaping the start of the civil war by one month!) travelled West Africa, crossed the Sahara, sang with a dreadful singing trio for the U.S. troops in Germany and came home to "settle down".
Through all this experience of life and the world I realized that singing always cheered me up.
I decided to be a singer.  Through strange turns of fate I ended up in a film called Breaking Glass I also ended up writing all the songs for the movie".

In 1980, her performance as Kate in Breaking Glass won O'Connor the Variety Club of Great Britain Award for 'Best Film Actor' and BAFTA nominations for 'Best Newcomer' and 'Best Film Score.'
The album of the same name has since achieved double platinum status, and was number 5 in the UK Albums Chart for 28 weeks and produced several hit singles, the most successful being the haunting "Will You", and "Eighth Day".
When O'Connor toured the UK in support of Breaking Glass the album, she selected as her opening act a then-unknown local group from Birmingham called Duran Duran.
It was this young band's first opportunity to garner exposure throughout the UK and gave the band the exposure it needed to secure a recording contract (with EMI). Ergo, O'Connor helped break one of the most successful musical artists of the New Wave era.

Subsequent albums for Hazel O'Connor include Sons and Lovers which featured the hit single "D Days", "Cover Plus", "Smile" and "Five in the Morning". Legal battles plagued O'Connor from the early 1980s - in her own words "I became famous, then had a load of court battles to fight against my first record company, I was ripped off, torn up and spat out by the machinery of 'Showbiz'" However, despite the hassle, O'Connor continued to record and to play live, touring the UK, Ireland, Europe and the U.S. with her band Megahype, and continuing her career as an actor.

She has made numerous TV appearances, starring in Jangles on British television and in 1986 playing the lead role of  Vivienne in the critically acclaimed Fighting Back as well as singing the theme tune. She also played a singer in an episode of Prospects on Channel 4 alongside former Breaking Glass actor Gary Olsen.

She still performs these days.

The songs you can hear here are :

01 If only
02 Top of the wheel
03 Time (ain't on our side)

I don't know the line up of the band (help me out folks !)



The roots of the Passions were basicaly a Londonpunk band called The Delericts, although their bassist, Clive Temperly, had been involved in one of the mythical pre-punk bands: The 101'ers (other members of which further formed The Clash!). With this good musical background they soon started the new project, leaving back the punk and jumping to the post-punk sound to be on the wave : a goth touch, a cool look, and, the most important, a bunch of good and strange songs.

Their beginnings were not their best. The first album "Michael and Miranda" (1980), was too nervous and strange to convince. Thankfully, their second album , "Thirty thousand feet over China" (1981) started in a more melodic way, with great pop songs as "Bachelor Girls" or "Skin Deep" and also a strange and untemporal jewel of strange magnetism called "I'm in Love with a German Filmstar", in which the vocalist Barbara Cogan shows how to sing in the most unpassionate way a passionate song. "Skin Deep" and "I'm in love of a German Filmstar" where released as singles.

Their third and last album was "Sanctuary" (1982), it was also a very good record in the same way of dark pop with bits of epic sound and of course not very commercial. This was the last release of this strange band. By 1985 Polydor released a sort of best of called "Passion Plays".

The songs performed here are :

01 Snow
02 Love Song
03 Absenty
04 ?
05 Bachelor Girls
06 Absent (different mix)

Line up :

Barbara Gogan — guitar, vocals
David Agar — bass guitar
Clive Timperley — guitar
Richard Williams — drums



The Undertones were a Northern Irish rock band formed in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1975.

Singer Feargal Sharkey's quavering delivery was distinctive, and made the band instantly recognisable. By 1977 they were performing their own three-chord pop punk material influenced by Nuggets-type material and the Ramones. In 1978 they released their debut four-song EP Teenage Kicks on the Good Vibrations label and it became a hit with support from BBC DJ John Peel, who considered that EP's title song his all-time favourite.

The band released four studio albums: The Undertones (1979), Hypnotised (1980), Positive Touch (1981) and The Sin Of Pride (1983). Falling sales linked to their changing musical direction and tensions within the band led to their split in 1983.

From their ashes derrived "That Petrol Emotion", led by John and Damian O'Neil.
And of course Feargal Sharkey solo, but that is a different story !

Tracklist :

01 Boys will be boys
02 See that girl

Line up :

Feargal Sharkey - vocals
John O'Neill -guitar
Damian O'Neill - guitar, vocals
Michael Bradley - bass and vocals
Billy Doherty - drums


Source : FM > Cassette > Audacity > WAV > FLAC

Another one from the box of old tapes !



RE-UPLOAD: The Revillos - Peel Session - 18.06.1981 (Flac)

Excellent sound from a recent digital re-brodcast., but it's lossy sourced. Anyway,  a very nice session of the members of The Rezillos, that had to change the band's name due to contractual reasons.


01. Do the Mutilation
02. The Big Shot
03. Yoour Babt's Gone
04. Bongo Brain

RE-UPLOAD: Black Tape For A Blue Girl - The Venue, Boise, USA - 19.09.2004 (MP3)

Still looking for a lossless version. Thanks to cEnda for sending this version to post here.

01 Across A Thousand Blades
02 Remnants Of A Deeper Purity
03 Dagger
04 The Gravediggers
05 Amsterdam
06 Knock Three Times
07 The Lie Which Refuses To Die
08 All Tomorrow's Parties (Velvet Underground cover)
09 Scarecrow
10 Halo Star
11 Tarnished
12 Space Oddity (David Bowie cover)